Inda-Gro Induction Grow Lights

Blending the Art and Science of Indoor Gardening

As more people realize the health benefits of gardening and consuming their own organically grown food, the need for products that legitimately enhance the gardening experience has never been greater. If those products fail to produce repeatable results or the costs associated with the garden become prohibititve, new and even experienced gardeners, are unlikely to continue indoor gardening. It is up to us, as manufacturers, to only bring products to the market that blend the latest science and technologies with the art of successful indoor gardening.

The Inda-Gro Mission

Our PASSION is, has been and always will be; GARDENING! It is why we operate our own in-house gardens which allow us to trial and prove our products over entire crop cycles. If changes, or improvements present themselves, we make them before ever taking them to market. Needless to say our in-house garden trials are an important function of what it is we do.

Our PURPOSE is to provide gardeners with products that repeatably optimize crop quality and production values while utilizing technologies that preserve our planets precious resources such as energy and water. As engineers tasked with developing these products we found there were already existing resources we could reference for our products. Sources that continue to have a substantial influence on both mankind and plant lighting. For that we would come to rely heavily upon the works of Nikola Tesla and the Sun.