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Inda-Gro Product Claims Analysis
Manufacturer: Sunlight LED Grow Lights | Canoga Park, California | October, 2014

We just ran across another “Best LED Grow Light Ever” company. They are utilizing full spectrum Cree LEDs in an industrial LED high Bay configuration. Their distinguishing claim is use of full spectrum light, which we do agree is a better approach. The problem is they got it all wrong from that point forward.

They started by just using a high bay fixture supplied by their parent company Bright Light LED. We would like to think a bit more involvement was required to produce the “Best LED Grow Light Ever”.

Then they stayed with area lighting specifications (Lumen, Lux, Foot Candle) rather than adapting proper grow light specifications (PPF and PPFD).  It was refreshing to not get another lecture on PAR, but we’re not sure they even have a clue about that.

They specify their 300 Watt unit at initial Lumens of 90,000 Lm, never mind that this is an area light term, but 300 Lm/Watt is extremely impressive, but more accurately, extremely impossible.  100 Lm/Watt is considered very good. The Bright Light LED 300 Watt High Bay is rated for 24,000 to 27,000 Lm, a much more appropriate value.

On their “What sets us Apart” page they claim 94,560 Lumens for their 400 Watt version, while the product spec is 125,000 Lumen, all completely impossible to achieve. Then we noticed something about the comparative data shown, the ratios of the Lumens and the foot candle reading on the meter were the same 10.764. This happens to be the conversion factor to go from foot candles to Lux, so these Lumen values are actually Lux. Not only are they using the wrong parameters to specify grow lights, but they do not even know what the parameters are that they are using. They are also making this comparative study using a $47 light meter that is far from appropriate for plant light comparisons.

At this point there really is no point in going any further. The comparisons are extremely inaccurate, we could explain all the details of the flaws and why they are so and impress you with our knowledge, but it does not justify the work. The bottom line is they have not demonstrated that they know and understand plant light specification or even general light specifications. 

On a final note in their video “Best LED grow Light Ever” they stated that their 400 Watt unit is a replacement to a 1000 Watt HPS and will out yield it by 20 to 25%. This would result in 3 times the performance on a Watt consumed basis or a 200% improvement over an HPS lamp. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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