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Talking Lighting on the Heavy T Show

November 11th, 2015 | Check out this audio clip from the Heavy T Radio Show as Mr. Darryl Cotton, President of Inda-Gro was invited to call in and discuss a new LES (LED) grow light being manufactured by Johnson Grow Lights and it's inventor Mr. Steven Johnson. Steven has come to the show as a sponsor and an in-studio guest who states that his new lights will revolutionize the indoor garden lighting industry with the highest efficiencies and yields of any other grow light or technology on the market. Growers hear these claims from manufacturers all the time but what is different about Steven is that he brought his lights to the show, took questions about what makes his products unique and has agreed to provide lights to the show so they may be vetted by seasoned growers. Listen Now

Support Your Local 151 Farmer

151 Farmers are committed to providing ecologically friendly sustainable cultivation practices that help to bring the Farm closer to the Fork! Aquaponic gardens save up to 95% of a traditional gardens daily plant watering by continuously recirculating nutrient rich fish water between the plants and the fish. There is no time like the present to become a 151 Farmer!
Click here to learn more.


Earth Fair 2015

April 19th, 2015 | Come visit us Sunday April 19th, at Earth Fair 2015. EarthFair 2015 will feature more than 300 exhibitors, special theme areas, a Food Pavilion, a special Children's Activity Area, five entertainment venues, the Children’s Earth Parade, the eARTh Gallery art show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse. Read More

Breaking Ground With Inda-Gro

December 30th, 2014 | When you have a team that believes in what you’re doing and works together as seamlessly as their team does, you are bound to have a product in your hands that exceeds expectations. Read More

Welcome To Plumeria Heaven

November 20th, 2014 | Carl and Joy Herzog are some of the preeminent Plumeria gardeners in the USA, even founding the Southern California Plumeria Society in 1999. Three months ago we installed one of our 300 gallon aquaponic system and Carl started doing his cuttings in the aquaponic media bed. Listen in as how Carl explains how he's been able to double his starter growth rates with a combination of the Aquaponic waste water, a single Inda-Gro Pro-420 light and the CocoMor substrate. Read More

LED Grow Lights - Separating Fact From Fiction

October 10th, 2014 | Like Induction grow lights, LED grow lights represent an energy savings alternative to traditional HID systems. What is important to understand is that energy savings can come at a cost relative to crop quality and production values. It is up to manufacturers to not overstate or misrepresent their products performance capabilities. Read More

1st Annual Grozine Tech Award

April, 2014 | ADR Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting Controler wins, Grozine Hydroponics Growing Technology Award. Product Details.

Impact Series 7

Inda-Gro has long been known for our industry leading Induction Grow Lighting products we’re now proud to introduce our newest innovation for plant lighting with our Impact Series of LED Grow Lights. What makes these lights unique to the industry is our patent pending Sine Wave Plant Lighting Technology which incorporates energy saving Light Emitting Diodes ran along surface areas that undulate in a uniform fashion.

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Barrio Logan Urban Farms

We are proud to sponsor The Barrio Logan Urban Farms. An inner city working farm which acts as a model for promoting fresh, locally grown produce utilizing environmentally responsible and sustainable cultivation practices. We offers tours, internships and investment opportunities to co-op our gardens for the sale of our crops to the local community.


FoodChain, Lexington Ky - All Inda-Gro

Check out Food Chain! It's been nearly 2 years since they bought our Pro-200-PAR lights and put them over their crops on light movers. Since then they have grown countless crops and the original 200 watt lamps are still looking good and going strong with 8 more years to go while still under warranty. You guys ROCK and keep up the great work!


'This garden can kill...'
Meet the Residents of England's Poison Garden

September 25th, 2014 | This English garden harbours 100 species of toxic plants, including one that acts as an amazing aphrodisiac... right before it knocks you dead. Read More


A New Way of Seeing Plant Lighting

December, 2012 | Feature article in Rosebud Magazine, "A new way of seeing Plant Lighting" D.Cotton, December Issue 2012. Read More

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