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21) What is the difference between Plasma and Induction lamps?

Both of these systems utilize electrodeless magnetic coils to excite the gas in the lamp vacuum with the main differences being that the plasma systems are clear lamps utilizing no phosphor and they have significantly higher core temperatures of over 720 celsius with lamp lifes usually around 30,000 hours. However either type of system operates at low temperatures which does not contribute added heat within the room with the lumens per watt or efficacies being similar as well.

The PAR analysis of the Plasma fixtures indicates excellent UV values for the clone and vegetative stages with sustained spectral levels up to the 550 nanometer range then rapidly falling off spectrums that are necessary for maximum chlorophyll absorption at the flowering and budding stages from the 600 -700 nanometer ranges.

We’re very excited by the benefits and efficiencies of the electrodeless lamp technologies. As it pertains to plant lighting technologies we do not see the current state of plasma after factoring purchase costs, lamp lifespan, PAR ranges, canopy penetration and lack of reference grows would give us reason to endorse plasma as a replacement over fluorescent induction grow light systems whereby phospors blends can create UV/IR ranges that are delivering 95%+ PAR levels at less cost and for longer life spans then plasma systems.

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