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22) Why buy Inda-Gro induction lights?

Having been indoor gardeners since the early 1970's we'd seen a lot of different products and technologies come and go but it was our 20 years experience as a Kohler Power Systems dealer and the electrical/electronic controls used in those systems for back up power generation that it got us looking for ways to improve upon the energy efficiencies of indoor grow lights. After having trialed all of available grow light technologies on the market at that time we kept coming back to Tesla's EFDL lamp design and what we could accomplish with the use of this inherently efficient, long life, stable spectrum, low heat technology. 

While the induction lighting technology is over 100 years old we really were the first to realize that this was a technology that could be modified to work as an energy efficient alternative to HID for indoor garden environments.  With our initial product launch in April 2010 we have been at the forefront of induction lamp and control technologies that would reduce the cost to operate indoor gardens.  Our first Pro-400 series induction grow lamp was replaced in November 2011 with the release of our Pro-420 series lamp and fixture.  Since then additional products have been added that enhance crop production values while reducing operating costs.

We manufacture and warranty support all of our products in San Diego, CA with materials sourced from around the world.  When you contact Inda-Gro you will be speaking with people that have a first hand knowledge of our products and a background in plants and plant lighting.  Most orders are shipped the same day. 

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