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24) What should one look for in deciding which induction grow light to buy?

We believe we build a quality product at a fair price.  We also support our dealers and our customers with one of the best warranties on the market.  We know that if a problem were to occur with your light it can make a difference in your crops success.  We take that responsibility very seriously and prioritize any repairs that might be necessary to expedite that process.

It used to be that the old axiom 'you get what you pay for' could be applied to grow lights but this is an industry that you don't always get what you pay for.  There are competitors that charge considerably more for their products and the results do not warrant the extra expense.  In fact if their products were cheaper it would still not be a better value if crop returns suffer in comparison.  Also if the competitors rely on marketing strategies that have them comparing their products to Inda-Gro, makes claims that they are the only ones who have patents pending for agricultural induction lighting, that they are the only USDA approved induction grow light manufacturer, or that their lamps are better than the sun we would encourage a prospective buyer to do a bit more research into these claims.    

We believe that innovation and fair competition is what drives the market and ultimately brings the best value to the customer.  Be aware that there are competitors that don't innovate and will lift everything off of our website and call it their own, including pictures of our gardens that have the owners hand in the image, because it's easier to just copy the leader.  Below are two China direct, companies that have done this.  If this type of marketing seduces a buyer to follow through and purchase these lights based on the competitor claims of superiority and the results are less than satisfactory, please don't blame the technology.  It's really more a case of all induction grow lights not being created equal coupled with a dose of buyer beware. 

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