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Premium Coco Coir Fiber

Let me start out by saying 3 months ago we knew next to nothing about Plumeria's. What got us involved with these wonderful beauties was when Bob, one of our customers, gave us the original three plants you'll see in the first photo in this gallery. Bob told me all this detail about the cuttings which frankly I couldn't keep up with. But what I did get from it is that the plants were his cuttings, were stressed and that if we could bring them back they would be well worth the effort as they are colorful and a pleasure to behold. So we transplanted them into our CocoMor, treated the Coco with 8 oz of ESC Treatment and waited. They surprised and made a vigorous comeback. From that initial start we've gone on to learn more about these plants and what we might do to enhance the growth rates, flowering and water use with our products. This gallery is dedicated to any and all Plumeria's that cross our path.

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