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ESC Treatment - Shenandoah Valley Vineyard Trials

Severe drought conditions have commercial farmers looking for ways to conserve water while maintaining optimum crop production levels. This Northern California farmer has been cut off from municipal water this year and is now forced to rely on well water only.

In this trial of a vineyard that grows Beringer Grapes the images show crop response comparisons with one side having been treated with ESC Treatment and the other side of his farm was not. ESC Treatment was applied 30 days prior to these images being taken at the rate of 1 gal per 2 acres of crop with a treatment duration of 60 days. Application of the ESC Treatment was simply a matter of adding it into the existing drip irrigation system.

In these day 30 images the ESC treated side is requiring 30% less water, operating at a 40% ET of 7 gal/day/vine while the untreated side is operating at a 60% ET of 10 gal/day/vine. Crop comparisons on the untreated side show water deprivation stresses such as reduced growth, wilting and yellowing leaves, flaccid tendrils, less mature and fewer grapes as well as a higher numbers of grapes that ruptured from uneven watering when compared to the crops where the ESC Treatment had been applied.

At harvest the ESC treated side yielded approximately 30% more grapes and consumed 35% less water. When asked about the quality of the grapes we were told that they were considered a high quality by the vintner.

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