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Indoor gardens that utilize vertical trellis systems or where plants grow over 4 feet are often at a disadvantage when it comes to providing sufficient light intensities and spectrums at the lower branches. Growers have taken to hanging HID lamps between the plants which tends to cast light all over the room or may damage the underside of the leaf from heat generated by the HID lamp.

The chloroplasts that absorb sunlight are primarily on the top surfaces of the leafs as this is where sunlight is most likely to strike the surface of the leaf. When designing a vertical light system it is vitally important to keep in mind that by design we would want to focus that energy over the largest vertical area and control light from scattering into regions that are of no benefit to the photosynthetic processes.

Our VPAR series of vertical lights allow the gardener to run a single 420 series light that is capable of taking your plants from a vegetative through a flowering phase

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